Welcome Parents, Babies and Guests !

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Hello welcome to my website ! I am happy to have finally got started on this with my busy ‘mummy lifestyle’. My name is Tanya and we have two young boys, one is 6 and the other is 4, we currently live in Vancouver (originally from England) .
I started this site when my boys were 3 and 1 years old and I am gradually updating as I go along.

The life of a Mum, Dad, Carer, Grandmother, or Grandfather can be fast and overwhelming sometimes. But a delight to have a new member of the family come into our beautiful world. Please have a look around my website. 
My site is growing and expanding with many interesting subjects around being a parent. Please watch this space – the subjects will keep you interested as your child grows and you grow with them in many different ways. There will be some articles that will really amaze and relieve you as no matter your age,class, culture, we are all in the same ‘parenthood boat’. Many of my perspectives will be based in London, but I will also be sharing with you my own personal accounts, one being living abroad with children and some other insights that have motivated me and are meaningful in my life. I am working on this site as a much as I can find the time in between a nappy change, playgroup, nap time, everyday chores and energy of being a parent. I want to be there for you, and give you information that some of you may not know or feel alone in something. But in fact you are completely not alone. I talk to mums every day at a different playgroup about all sort of subjects surrounding our everyday lives in London.

Cold Tea ?

To some it may be obvious and others not, but the name of my website is called Cold tea for a reason, when you are a busy parent/carer your tea always gets cold ! I lost count how many times my tea went cold. Tea is by far the most popular drink consumed in Britain today, with over 165,000,000 cups being drunk in the UK every single day of the year. There will no doubt be some lovely personalised tea flasks up and coming onto my website, followed by a quiz with some prizes.

If you do like my website, please follow me on twitter as coldtea@coldtea1 and also don’t forget to ‘like’ my facebook page called Cold Tea. I am currently working on this site and the ‘about’ page right at the bottom. Go have a look what I have done so far!

Please pass my site on to any new mums that you may know too. Also if you were interested in expanding my website with me, please feel free to contact me on the contacts page.

Thank you

Tanya x