Hello, this is me and here I am trying to give you as much information as time permits me too. Soon my little one will be at nursery will have more time to continue to blog on !

I am not earning anything from the site, just purely advice from my experience and kindness that we need more of everywhere, this is my pivot and goal right now in life. my chance to share parenthood topics around the world.
I have created this kindness button simply to say if you would like to contribute anything to my site I would appreciate it, but otherwise I will carry on trying to give you new information on parenthood. Thanks for reading my pages.

For your information I have qualifications in Social Sciences (good at research!),Just recently trained in tft foundation level 1 (thought field therapy) Hypnotherapy, Pychotherapy and Public Administration. I have worked in so many different industries, you could name one and I’ve been there (in most cases). I have worked as a lifeguard, therapist, silver service trained waitress, plastic surgery receptionist, swept the floor, made tea for a hairdressing salon and many more. The reason why I have set up this site is purely because I want to work for myself and work when I can.

This website will currently be based on everything from motherhood onwards. So not to dwell on past experiences, but to reflect upon,learn and carry the positive and relevant experiences in my life to other people. So mental and physical aspects of life, pregnancy and being a parent are the primary goals. Also the issues surrounding the transition of being a parent and what it really does in entail (what books don’t tell you). My personal experiences of becoming a mother has shown me many things. I almost feel like I can do anything after doing the everyday things that I do. Some jobs are really mundane and so groundhog day and other days are amazing fun and enlightening watching your children grow up. I always said I would never do a skydive, then on our honeymoon my husband and I ended up in New Zealand jumping into the air over lake Taupo at 12000 feet !!


If you are a company and want to sponsor me to do some work on areas surrounding motherhood in the near future, get in touch.

I will be sharing many of my personal stories and creating many new pages and posts.
I thank you all for sending in comments and I will be getting back to you soon. I am trying to refresh my site some more as you can see !