Top Ten Money Saving Tips for Your Nursery 2015


Top Ten Money Saving Tips for Your Nursery Did you know it costs Canadians $243,660 to raise a child to age 18? In the UK, the average cost of bringing a child up to age 21 is £229,251. It’s no surprise that parents are finding the need to cut back on costs in order to make ends meet. Cutting down on spending should start before your baby is even born, by making careful purchases when it comes to buying the baby essentials. This infographic offers parents 10 easy money saving tips for creating their dream nursery on a budget. Designing a Pinterest-worthy nursery is a lot easier than it may seem, it just takes a bit of creativity and some DIY. By making smarter purchases, such as buying a convertible crib and combining your dresser and changing table, you can avoid spending an unnecessary fortune and still get the baby room of your dreams.

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  1. Susan Clemond says:

    Fantastic infographic, well done! Using a dresser is definitely a good idea, but make sure it’s sturdy and that you get the measurements right straight off the bat. We had to exchange ours as we hadn’t quite done our homework properly! Upcycling is also a great idea – shame that I’m not the best at DIY!

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