Holiday Break Tips With Children & What to Do

What are you doing and how are you going to manage the time with your children over the holiday period?

or are they at at age where they may be able to go to summer camps?

Travelling to Granny and Grandads? or just visiting friends?

This travel cot is brilliant, a bit pricy but we are still using it after 4 years, so it has been useful.

We have used it in hotels, staying with friends and family and it can be used as a place to store toys or simply somewhere to put down newborn baby, while you make a cuppa or when nature calls!
LittleLife Arc-2 Travel Cot I used it recently over the last half term to secure my little one in there.


Having a Staycation ?

Outdoor fun.. weather permitting….

Put a tent up in the house or in your garden (if you can withstand the cold right now and have a garden of course!) sleep there for the night with the kids… If your garden is big enough you could recreate a whole new camping experience with a small gas fire, torches etc and it could be fabulous !!you could make breakfast outside ithe morning and so on – all for the kids smiling faces !

Plant a tree/ flower in the garden
You can now buy a nice plant which will grow in the summer that you need to plant now, so for example we have a lovely scented Rose that my son has chosen and we need to go in the garden to put it in the ground and by summertime it would have grown a bit we hope!(with the recent weather reports!)plants





Easter break

Easter egg hunt
When I was younger – I will never forget the excitement of running around our garden (or can go to the park) searching for mini easter eggs to go in my little basket. It was the best game ever. You can do it around the house if too cold outside. These are the baskets that I will be making for my boys as they are little and it is just as fun. I made these last year.

Indoor fun

Painting eggs
I also loved getting real eggs and piercing them open with a pin at each end, then blow out all the contents into a bowl. Then paint them and make a beautiful basket full of lovely painted eggs. This is a great activity to do and creative for your children.
All the contents you can then use to make scrambled eggs on toast.

A few easter books you could order,it’s not too late ….

Easter activity Books

You are Granny and Grandad and want some ideas if your grandchildren are paying a visit over Easter,or you want to just buy some things at home ..

5 in 1 Egg Colouring Kit

Annabel Karmel has some wonderful cookbooks out for kids and some really fun recipes
We are currently having fun with that and I keep renewing it at the local  library!

Libraries too are a great place to take the kids, we always go once every two weeks and I use both their cards every time and get the maximum amount of books, so between 15-20 most of the time.

Garden centres are places we like to hang out as they usually have fish there too. So the kids love just walking around in and outdoors looking at plants and different outdoorsy objects.

Origami at home ?
Origami is the Japanese art of paper folding and is usually mainly made by square paper only, with a few exceptions to the rule. I hosted a few girls birthday parties teaching this and having fun before I had children. It really is fun. Obviously depends on the age and personality of your child. My son who is 4 wouldn’t be able to sit for too long and you do have to catch him in his chilling mode and not in his ‘burning energy’ mode. We made things like jewelery boxes and jumping frogs, and whoevers frog jumped the highest and landed in the cup won something.

There are so many things that you can do with your children at home, you just need to get creative and enjoy the time with them, forget the washing, ironing, cooking for a bit and enjoy your moments and you will notice things that your child will remember forever!!

Example, My husband and I got a piece of cooked spaghetti, from a bolognese we made at lunch, he ate one end I ate the other and we ate each others until we kissed. My son wants to do that with me 7 months later – it stuck out in his head, mummy and daddy having fun with food !

Teach and show them different exercise positions, my son loves me teaching him some yoga at home. There also could be  a yogabugs class in your area for your little one.

Washing up bowl fun..

Place a plastic sheet on the floor and fill washing up bowl with water .

Get some straws, washing up liquid and a breakfast cereal that floats .. they will have lots of blowing fun! or you can do bobbing apples… My kids love just washing up liquid and blowing through the straw and generally making a big mess… this keeps them entertained for a while!!

Counting Money

Empty out your childs money box, (assuming s/he has one of course!) – and pop it into a change machine, we did it at our local supermarket change machine. You have a choice of converting the change into a donation of a charity of your choice, or they give you a receipt and you have to go to customer service desk to get the cash or just use it towards your next shopping bill (also, contribution for a toy bought in store)
A fun activity that teaches them counting.

Structured activities

Just generally planning, visualising it first of course of how you want things to happen and then make them happen. So do some planning ahead.  You can have allocated times at home for when you do things – like set up a painting area for half an hour before lunch or after lunch and so on. It could be slightly different like painting nails or feet or something silly and unusual. Teaching them, showing them some cooking techniques, ie how to crack and egg..

You could book them into something going on in your area, get there early as these activities can get busy. Have a general round about plan or timetable of events, activities, so you make these most of that time, including being creative/imaginative and letting them relax with a movie and so on. For me I probably won’t book them into anything and will sort out some play dates and allow time to relax with my kids, plod around in pjs and so on. The booking in activities for me feels to hectic sometimes. Good Luck and Enjoy your Easter break with your children.

Oh lastly I wanted to mention this amazing book that is  must read! there are two here ….
The 5 Love Languages of Children/The 5 Love Languages of Teenagers Set

Basically it gives you insight to speaking your childs language, very helpful and brings these languages to your awareness and how to use it appropriately.

You can also pop it on in the car and have a listen on a CD on the way to work or a class.
THE FIVE LOVE LANGUAGES OF CHILDREN CD By Chapman, Gary D. (Author) Compact Disc on 01-Apr-2005

Enjoy and don’t forget to ‘like’ my pages or send me some comments and pass them on to people who you think maybe find this information helpful. Thank you again.


Tanya x



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