Ipad Tantrums & Protecting You and Your Children From the Internet


Am I alone here? My children are having ipad tantrums! I had to hide it above the kitchen cupboards the other day to stop them both from reaching for it. Yes we do try and schedule it a bit, but no I am not perfect. I get it when we really do need it, i.e. when I am at the doctors and want a proper chat with no distractions. It works well for me and my children in waiting areas and traveling situations where you queue for ages for check in at the airport for example. Yes, I’m not denying it at the breakfast table too just so they will both sit and eat – I know some of you will disapprove. I am not a perfect mother, but am trying my best at times. I think it is just a case of not getting too much into a routine of it and reasoning with my four year old that may help!

Do you have any ipad stories that you would like to share?

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Spring clean your computer

you tube and security

Do you know how to change your settings on you tube so your children can’t access inappropriate content?

Do it now!! (This is a guide from a laptop)

Go into your tube, log in if you haven’t already and then scroll down right to the very bottom of the page and it will say safety mode on or off. This is what it says ….

Choose your safety mode

Enable safety mode to avoid videos that may contain inappropriate content. Safety mode uses community flagging and other signals to identify and filter out objectionable videos. Safety mode does not guarantee to block every such video.

Safety mode lock prevents others from changing the safety mode settings on this browser. To make sure no one can unlock it and it stays locked, sign out of YouTube.To unlock safety mode:

  • You’ll need to sign back into your account in order to unlock and disable safety mode. Safety mode cannot be unlocked unless you’re signed into your account.
  • Once you’ve signed into your account, scroll to the bottom of any YouTube page and click the safety button. You’ll then be able to unlock and disable safety mode.

Then it will say this on your screen…….

Successfully locked Safety Mode setting on this browser

ipad tips and tricks

I have just bought an amazing ipad- tips and tricks magazine (not cheap)

Email me a question or concern and I will try and answer it for you!


I am looking into small things like hiding my facebook and email into a place where the kids can’t access it. I will update this page once I have done it.

Facebook and You

Also when was the last time you deleted your facebook messages and posts? if I was a hacker and got into your account how much information could I collect? hmmm.. your anniversary, your child’s birthday (oh that could be the password), your birthday. We all need to clear some data.

So go into your messages and if you need to individually select ‘delete messages’, then do. It is very time consuming. I would press delete conversation and that will delete the whole message in one go.

New friends that you have made

Have you recently adjusted your privacy settings on your new friends? do you want them to know that much about you?

Advice, if you are at work – plan out four ‘facebook clearing’ lunchtimes. So maybe over one a week or two.

Day 1 – Sort out your messages. ( 20 mins)

Day 2 – Sort out your privacy on each friend. (Could take longer than you think)

Day 3 – Take off stuff on your timeline that you think a hacker could use, or permanently delete them.

Day 4 – Log in a check who can see things and who can’t.

Also you would have to think about the information on your other accounts too. Which is yes very time consuming but worth it .

 Screen lock on phones and ipads

Have you got  password lock on them? our 4 year old has seen us unlock our number code on the ipad that he knows it himself now! he unlocks by himself! just a future warning…. but in general it is the best secure thing to do is to have a secure password.

Oh yes, and when is the last time you checked and deleted all your spam mail? you find really old emails in there you said you never received…this has happened to me  on many occasions.

8 Ways to avoid getting your computer hacked


Also ‘who is anonymous’ article is interesting and there is a documentary on this which is an insight.

I think the more we are in touch with technology we can gain as much knowledge as we can to protect or children for the future. So keep update with the times all parents !!

Changing your details …

After watching this  you may want to think about changing you details, passwords and generally refreshing  them. Or even changing your name slightly on facebook maybe make up your date of birth or simply delete it, just so it wouldn’t link with your bank details and other things that are found on the net. Surely the friends that you have on Fb all know you now …. even if things aren’t showing on your timeline and hidden from everyone else, hackers can see everythings as they are into your account.

look up anonymous hackers on u tube, funny enough the links I have previously put up on this has been altered.

Also google facebook hackers and have a look how they would get in

Put symbols and signs into your passwords

or look up symbols for your current key board you have now at work … for example


Good luck








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