My Top Tips for New Parents

Get someone or yourself to make loads of different healthy dishes for you and hubby that you can store in the freezer for when baby arrives.

Get a leather sofa or a sofa you know can wipe clean.

Kitchen Chairs- easy wipe clean /washable or can replace covers.

When baby has just arrived, set yourself an aim of one thing a day to achieve and that is it.

Except that your house will be a tip for a long time.

Get extra baby clothes in, just in case you don’t always get the washing done when you thought you would.

Wooden floors – easy to clean rather than carpet ( getting stains out most of the time can be a pain).

Sleep as much as you can before the baby arrives, even though baby is kicking you most nights or you need a wee every five minutes!

Suscribe to babycentre and pampers emails, so they will send you monthly updates automatically to tell you what your child should or could be doing at this month etc. helpful updates.

You will have those ratty moments with your partner, except this – you both will be very tired, you both have a new life on board. So much change.

Get a cleaner for a couple of hours a week if your budget lets you.

Always carry bubbles in your bag

Remember that you are not alone and many men and women are going through the same experiences as you.

Get a stash of  birthday cards ready for dates ahead, in case you forget to grab them on time or you simply just cant make it out the house.

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