Second Baby on the Way ?


2nd one on waySo you have been through the first child experience and expecting your second child – Congrats !

Firstly, I must say, enjoy your one to one time with your first child as you may not have that for sometime.  I actually miss it now as it is hard to grab sometime with my four year old as I have my other little one full time. When baby grabs a nap, this is my chance or maybe at the weekends when hubby is around.

Things you need to think about are – who will look after your first one when in labour and if they can stay depending on what type of birth you have.

Make a list of all the soft play areas or usual places that you would take your first child to, so they are familiar places ( not too much change)

You will find further along in your pregnancy, lifting, dressing, putting shoes on for yourself and toddler can get tricky and tiresome. Buy your child shoes that easily slip on and they can do it themselves, crocs are fab or plain black plimsolls.

I have uploaded a clip of my son putting his own coat on, his grandma taught him at a very early age and that small thing he could do, made a big difference for me in everyday life, plus I was proud he could do it himself!! bending over with a huge bump all the time, can take its toll.

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How a child puts their coat on without a Parent

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